Would you like to restore a more classical, elegant look to the windows of your house? With the stylish and luxurious golden-red appearance of copper alloys, Luxo's Elegant Bronze not only provides a polished, highly-reflective finishing quality to your windows, it also significantly reduces the incidence of solar rays into your home, protecting your family and your property, and reducing expenses on air conditioning systems and troublesome blinds or curtains. Your view of the outside world will be unparalleled, with our wide range of VLT (visible light transmittance) you can choose exactly how much natural light you want in your interior spaces, while fully blocking glare and preventing over-heating. Our dual-reflective and exterior-reflective finishes allow you to select the kind of image you wish to give to your facades, whether the mirror-like, shinny reflection that will increase your indoor privacy, or the translucent appearance that will retain the transparency of your original windows without the risk and the nuisance of solar rays.

Luxo's sputtered commercial window films block the heat, keeping your home, with a lower investment than Low-E glass. This makes them the perfect choice for home-owners interested in giving their house a new, refined look while radically reducing their environmental impact and energy costs.


Luxo Window Film's Elegant commercial lines feature the perfectly engineered combination of high-performance metals such as aluminum and copper alloys, for an array of aesthetically unique and highly energy-efficient window films. Luxo's certified nano-sputtering technique is used to apply atomic-thin coatings of our specially selected metals, to our premium-grade PET base-film. This results in the perfect balance between a luxurious, stylish appearance and an effective solar-control technology, which will also ensure the privacy of your indoor spaces while effectively resisting the challenges of time and weather.

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