The ultimate technology in residential window films, Luxo Crystallite combines outstanding solar control properties with an exceptional visible light transmittance. If you are looking for a window film that will radically improve the energy performance of your home, reducing the electric costs of climatic control and air conditioning systems, without altering in any way the image and visibility of and from your windows, Luxo Crystallite is the perfect choice for you. Available in Visible Light Transmitance (VLT) levels of 65 to 70%, Luxo Crstallite is one of our clearest, most seamless and less intrusive window film lines. These transmittance values mean that you will not be able to see, or tell the difference before and after installation, while its low reflectivity will provide a finishing appearance similar to or even better than the original glass, while blocking uncomfortable glare and rejecting the dangerous solar rays that could harm your family.

The perfect match between a discreet, natural, seamless look with the state-of-the-art solar control technologies that you have come to expect from Luxo Window Films, Luxo Crystallite is the ultimate invisible protection for your house.


Luxo Crystallite uses non-metallized, multi-layer optical film, coated with Luxo's certified nano-technology to reject over 95% of the infrared rays, and over 60% of the overall heat coming through your windows. The quality of our base films, and careful application of our certified coating process, result in a film with 65 to 70% VLT (Visible Light Transmittance) and a reflectivity index lower than that of the original glass. This means the amount of natural light in your spaces will be practically unaltered to the human eye, while uncomfortable glare and annoying reflections will be significantly reduced, and your indoor comfort will be naturally, passively improved.

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