Health and Safety

Luxo's Health and Safety program has been established to ensure that every film produced by Luxo Window Films meets the highest quality standards in the industry. We make sure that every square inch of our films is built hazard-free, guaranteeing our costumers' safety and wellbeing.

Healthy protection

High quality glass is able to reject most of the Ultra-Violet B components of solar light; this lowers the risk of skin sunburns and eye cataracts. However, up to 50% of Ultra-Violet A rays can still penetrate through your glass and into your cabin, causing premature skin aging, wrinkles, and eventually increasing the risk of serious conditions such as skin cancer. Luxo Window Films are guaranteed to effectively block 99.9% of these harmful UV rays, keeping your environment safe and your family healthy.

Safe Raw material

At Luxo, we are not only concerned about producing high-performance and aesthetically unique products; we also deeply value the health of our customers and the environment. We guarantee that all products of the Luxo brand are free of toxic metals or hazardous elements.

Safe Driving Protection

The unique design of our Glare Reduction Technology can highly diminish glare caused by sunshine or other cars' light beams, thereby reducing visual hindrance while driving and significantly improving driver safety. Moreover, Luxo window films filter exterior light to create a more diffuse, soft and comfortable environment within your car, providing a more comfortable driving experience and reducing driver fatigue.

Shatter resistance

When you install Luxo Window Film on your car, it considerably enhances the strength of the glass; even in a severe crash shards from a broken window will stay together instead of shattering. This feature results in a high degree of protection from injuries caused by flying shards or other debris. The increased strength can also help protect your car in the case of a theft attempt by making it harder to break the windows in.

Energy Saver and Sustainable

Every component of Luxo Window Film is manufactured in our factory in Arizona, USA. Our high production standards and expert supervision practices ensure that every section of our window films is manufactured with the optimum quality, performance, clarity, and durability.

Luxo Window Films assist in rapidly reducing and effectively stabilizing interior temperature. The reduced load placed on the vehicle's climate system results in energy savings and increased fuel efficiency. Leading the window film industry, Luxo's TiNite Series offers the highest standard in heat rejection and clarity improvement technology. In addition to increased fuel efficiency and energy savings, TiNite Window Films will help you do your part in protecting the environment.