Marine TiNite

Where there's saltwater, there's usually corrosion.
Where there's metal and saltwater, there's definitely corrosion.

That's why Luxo Tinite Window Films use a revolutionary ceramic coating that is specifically designed to resist corrosion. Unlike metal or dyed films that can rust or fade, Luxo Tinite Window Films excel under absolutely any conditions, ensuring your satisfaction for years to come.

With rejection of up to 89% of infrared heat and over 99.9% of UV rays, Luxo Tinite Window Films are the smartest, longest-lasting solution for both comfort and safety while out on the water. Their unique ceramic composition greatly reduces glare and, unlike metal films, Luxo Tinite Window Films will never block signals from on-board communication or GPS navigation systems.

Whether it's a commercial fishing ship, recreational vessel or even a beachfront home, Luxo Tinite Window Films are the ideal choice for every marine or coastal application.


  • Durable material that won't corrode or fade

  • Infrared heat reduction of up to 89% keeps cabin cool and comfortable

  • Blocks over 99.9% of UV Radiation, protecting interior from fading

  • Cuts harsh glare, providing added visibility and safety

  • Minimal reflectivity ensures clear view both day and night

  • Added protection against shattering

  • Zero communications, GPS and FM signal attenuation

  • Quality backed by a limited lifetime warranty

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