As a business-owner the security of your property, staff and inventory is one of your main priorities and concerns. Natural or human hazards can constantly threaten this security, placing your investment at risk while affecting your safety and the safety of those around you. Luxo's Safety and Security lines are specially engineered to offer an additional layer of defense to the most vulnerable elements in any construction: windows.

Combining a series of highly flexible, ultra-resistant polyester films, with exceptionally strong adhesive bonds, Luxo Safety and Security line will significantly increase the impact resistance of your windows and other glazed surfaces, preventing flying shards and delaying or completely frustrating burglar attempts. No matter the threat, from human risks such as vandalism or theft, to natural phenomena like earthquakes, hurricanes and high-winds, Luxo Safety and Security is the ultimate tool for foreseeing and preventing unavoidable accidents. Helping you rest assured that your property and the safety or those that rely on you are protected like never before.

Luxo's Solar S&S line combines the excellent risk-reduction properties of our Safety and Security line, with the solar control performance of our regular lines to increase indoor comfort, reduce the use of mechanical climatic systems, provide additional privacy and enhanced visibility, and all the other benefits you have come to expect from Luxo's certified quality products.


When it comes to security window films, resistance is not so much a matter of strength as it is of flexibility and layer-integration. While a very strong and rigid single-layered film can easily break with a large enough impact, the combination of flexible multi-layered high-resistance polyester layers results in a shock-absorbing system that does not only resist impact, but diminishes the intensity of the shock by cushioning and dissipating its effect on your window. The perfectly designed integration between flexible film layers, using a specialized adhesive that enhances this flexibility and shock-absorption properties, result in a fully functional defensive shield against the potential dangers of the outside.

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