The strength, durability and elegance of stainless steel are combined in Luxo Natural to deliver a high-performance commercial film with a cool, luxurious appearance. Luxo Natural is engineered to offer the best properties of its materials; its sputtered stainless steel coating provides exceptional solar control (increasing natural indoor comfort in your office space, and reducing energy expenses), while ensuring long term performance thanks to its outstanding chemical resistance.

Luxo Natural's neutral color-tone makes it a discreet and seamless option if you wish to maintain the original appearance of your building. It is also available in exterior-reflective and dual-reflective looks, which means you can choose if you want a highly reflective exterior appearance which will increase your indoor privacy, or if you prefer a better two-way visibility with a low-reflection look. Luxo Natural is also available in a wide array of VLT values (between 15 and 50%) so you can further customize the degree of privacy, solar control and natural lighting you want to have in your spaces.


Luxo Natural takes advantage of the outstanding reputation of stainless steel when it comes to durability and performance. Resistant to oxidation, as well as to other mayor types of chemical corrosion, the stainless steel coating of Luxo Natural is guaranteed to last for at least 10 years after installation, providing high levels of solar protection without any risk of fading or scratching over time. The appearance of Luxo Natural makes it an excellent choice for those looking for the highest benefits in solar control window films, with a discreet and stylish appearance, and the lowest reflectivity index for an undisturbed, beautiful view of the outside.

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