The ultimate technology in window film fabrication, Luxo Window Film's TiNite series uses a nano-ceramic coating to provide exceptional solar control, with perfect optical clarity and reduced glare. One of the most ancient technologies known to man, nowadays used in state-of-the-art industries such as aerospace engineering and Formula 1 racing, ceramics are characterized by their unique thermal stability, durability, hardness and chemical inertia. This means that your car will be protected by the highest quality of window film technology, with a persistently unaltered performance, for a lifetime.

Luxo's TiNite Ceramic Window Films not only enhance the appearance of your vehicle, but also provide added comfort and protection in the cabin interiors.


Manufactured under Luxo's certified sputtering process, an atomic-fine nano-ceramic Titanium Nitrade coating is applied to high-grade PET film, resulting in a completely dye-free, metal-free composite window film which is invulnerable to fading and discoloring under any conditions. The use of non-metallic base products results in a zero-interference protection layer with unaltered access to cell-phone, radio and GPS signals. Combining the benefits of metallic and dyed films, with none of their drawbacks, makes TiNite the perfect choice for high-end users.

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