A perfect balance between performance and affordability, Luxo's Oceania line features double-layered dye technology which extends the life of the dye materials, prolonging performance and maintaining the film's original appearance. The perfect choice for regular every-day users who wish to add an extra level of protection to their vehicle, save on gas and improve driving comfort, all without the investment required from higher-performance specialty films. The non-metallic composition of Luxo Oceania reduces reflectivity and glare, for a neutral appearance and increased safety during driving, while the dye's lack of conductivity means there will be zero interference with radio, GPS and cell-phone signals.


Clearly superior to other dyed window films in the market, which tend to fade or change color tone over a short period of time, Oceania's double-layer dyed coating guarantees an extended, unaltered performance of your film, with an affordable cost-effective price, and without the clear drawbacks of regular dyed films.

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