Combining all the benefits of both worlds, Luxo Hybrium's dual-layered technology features one layer of dye, for a non-reflective glare-resistant finish, with an added layer of metallic-sputtered protection for color-stability, solar control and extra-durability. A cost-effective solution for all drivers looking for a safer and more comfortable cabin experience, who are interested in a long-lasting protection that will add value to their vehicle by conserving the genuine looks of its interiors while improving the overall appearance of its exterior.

Innumerable engineering industries have found hybrid composites to be an excellent solution against the specific, limited properties of certain materials. The combination of technologies that perform better in some aspects, with others that complement for their possible weaknesses, results in hybrid products which offer a wider array of benefits with a lower number of deficiencies. Luxo, always at the head of technological development, has used this same principle to design Luxo Hybrium, the meeting point between performance, beauty and durability.


Luxo Hybrium has been carefully engineered to reach the perfect synergy between the exceptional solar control and durability of Luxo's certified metallic-sputtered films, and the light absorbing, non-reflective appearance of our high-quality dyed coatings. The result is a versatile, integrated product, which will offer exceptional cabin control performance for a vehicle's service life, with none of the possible technical drawbacks of a single-technology film.

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