With the full power of dark, Luxo Graphite's nano-carbon color-stable composition will give your car an elegant non-reflective black look. Invulnerable to color fading or shade changes, and with a unique level of solar protection among multi-layered dyed films, Graphite is the perfect choice for those looking for a stylish, slick appearance with a cost-effective budget.

The non-reflective, deep-dark appearance of Graphite gives it a highly luxurious look, associated with both an elegant, stylish attitude and a sporty, fast driving. While the high content of nano-carbon dye particles in the film reject a major part of the damaging solar rays, improving cabin comfort, increasing safety while driving and providing a zero-interference protection layer which will allow full access to cell-phone, radio and GPS signals.


Luxo Graphite features a polyester coating integrated with nano-carbon technology, which gives it its distinct color and unique performance. It also means the dyed nano-cabron content will last longer, as it is fully integrated into the film's high-quality polyester layer.

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