The rays of the hot sun beaming through your windows as you're driving. Even with the air conditioner on full blast the scorching heat of the sun beats against your face. This is in large part due to the sun's infra-red radiation penetrating the car windows making the driver and passengers uncomfortable. Until the advent of spectrally selective window film there was no solution to this problem.

The perfect combination of precious metals such as gold, silver and indium, makes Crystallite the supreme choice among sputtered metallic window films. Luxo's Spectrally Selective Crystallite Window Film creates an optically transparent protective layer, which virtually eliminates the damaging effect of sunlight on your interiors and reduces the solar heat-gain within the cabin. This results in a significant reduction to the demand placed on your AC systems, leading to an approximated 3% savings on your overall MPG; all this while maintaining the original, beautiful appearance of your car both inside and outside.


Made up of a carefully designed selection of precious, high-performance metals, such as Gold, Silver and Indium, Crystallite is one of the top lines worldwide of multi-layered metallic window films. The specific properties of each precious metal, enhanced by their perfectly engineered combination, naturally select the damaging range of the solar spectrum, preventing these rays from entering your cabin and affecting your safety and comfort. Luxo's certified metalized-sputtering technologies ensure the correct and balanced application of high-grade raw materials, ensuring a high-performance, aesthetically-astonishing product for the life of your vehicle.

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