When it comes to selecting the best window film for your vehicle it is often difficult to decide between style and performance—too often drivers have to sacrifice one for the other. This prompted Luxo Window Films to design a product encompassing properties of high heat rejection combined with aesthetically pleasing features. In addition, Luxo's ChroMite window films deliver protection against harmful UV radiation, and are available in darker shades for improved privacy.

Luxo's ChroMite window films offer exceptional interior and exterior features. If you are looking for a product that will keep your interior cool and private while blocking heat, the search stops with Luxo's ChroMite. Due to an especially robust metallic construction, this window film will outlast many of its cheaper counterparts.


Luxo's ChroMite offers combined performance due to its hybrid fabrication. Made up of one layer of high-grade stainless-steel metallic-sputtered film, under a coat of Luxo's high-quality dyed film, ChroMite brings together the best of both worlds. With the non-reflective look of dyed films, and the long-lasting appearance and durable performance given by our certified stainless steel-coating process, ChroMite offers exceptional solar-control levels for a more comfortable driving experience under any circumstances.

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