When it comes to making decisions that involve your house it is especially necessary to be able to look at, and evaluate all possible options. With this in mind, Luxo Window Films developed Panoramic, a customized residential window film line that provides the widest range of VLT's available (allowing access to between 15 and 70% of natural light) to match the most specific tastes and the most demanding quality standards. The high heat rejection performance of Luxo Panoramic make it an excellent choice if you're looking for a technology that will reduce the energy consumption of your house, passively improving your indoor comfort and significantly reducing your month-to-month expenses in mechanical air conditioning units.

Achieve the perfect architectural transparency. Luxo Panoramic offers exceptional optical clarity, for an undisturbed view through your windows, without sacrificing the high UV protection standards and infrared heat rejection levels that you can naturally expect from all Luxo Window Film products. With a low-reflectivity finish and a neutral color shade Luxo Panoramic will respect and enhance the original appearance of your house, reducing glare and preventing over-heating, and making your house look and feel more beautiful than ever before, both inside and out.


Using an atomic-thin coating of premium grade ceramics, one of the most stable and durable materials known to man, Luxo Window Films developed Panoramic as its state-of-the-art residential window solution. Combining the perfect optical clarity, with the color-stability and fading resistance of its ceramic composition, Panoramic will retain its original appearance and its exceptional level of solar protection for a life time. Years of research have gone into Luxo Panoramic to produce the widest possible array of tones without sacrificing the energy performance and durability of the series. For all these reasons, Luxo Panoramic is the first choice among our most demanding clients, who want only the best products to enhance the appearance of their homes and guarantee the safety of those they most care about.