Achieve the perfect architectural transparency: Featuring the long-lasting durability and reliability of ceramics technology, Luxo Kraft series uses our certified sputtering technique to attach nano-ceramic particles onto our high-grade PET film base. Used by mankind for millennia, ceramics are one of the toughest, most stable materials in existence, which means the unique clarity and exceptional energy performance of our Kraft products will endure the challenges of time like no other. The solar-control attributes of Luxo Kraft will significantly reduce the amount of heat coming into your building (by up to 80%) without altering visibility through your windows. This will result in a constant reduction of the demand placed on mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems, meaning you will start getting returns on your investment from day one after installation.

With a natural low-reflective look, Kraft will give your windows an even higher level of transparency than the original glass, preventing uncomfortable reflections and glare which might distract clients looking into your retail floor, or which would cause discomfort to those working within. Acting as an invisible shading device, the microscopic particles attached to the film block a high percentage of the sun-rays impacting your window, preventing this heat from entering your spaces while enhancing visibility from and towards your building.


Manufactured under Luxo's certified sputtering process, an atomic-fine nano-ceramic coating is applied to high-grade PET film, resulting in a completely dye-free, metal-free composite window film which is invulnerable to corrosion, fading and discoloring under any conditions. The chemical composition of Luxo Kraft make it one of our most advanced films in terms of heat rejection and indoor climate control, while its optical low-reflective quality enhance the transparency and visibility of your windows, from indoors and outdoors, during day and night.

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