The cool and elegant look of Luxo's Glacialis line is achieved through the application of multi-layered high-quality stainless steel during our certified sputtering process. With a subtle and neutral tone, Glacialis provides the perfect finishing detail to any luxurious automobile, while its advanced metallic composition rejects damaging solar rays, reduces cabin temperature in warm environments, and generally improves visibility and comfort while driving.

Never again will you be forced to choose between appearance and performance. The natural look of Luxo Glacialis creates a practically invisible protective coating on your windows, while the scratch resistant, long-endurance quality of our products prevents the presence of bubbling or surface damage, guaranteeing the original appearance of your car throughout its lifetime.


Luxo Glacialis takes advantage of the outstanding reputation of stainless steel when it comes to durability and performance. Resistant to oxidation, as well as to other mayor types of chemical corrosion, the stainless steel coating of Luxo Glacialis is guaranteed to last through the entire life of your vehicle, providing high levels of solar protection without any risk of fading or scratching over time. The natural appearance of Glacialis makes it an excellent choice for those looking for the highest benefits in solar control window films, with a discreet and stylish appearance.

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